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Berry Baby ZIZI Pram Reducer

ZIZI Pram Reducer Pram Reducer and Sheet

Thanks to our ZIZI Pram Reducers' practic form, these products are ideal for the sport part of the pram or strollers as well.

Available in 2 sizes and many colours: 
-1) 6-18 months (with puffy edges)
-2) 18 months + (with flat edges)
2 materials are used:
-durable textile material

-soft minky (bubbly surface velour)

To be honest, cleaning the pram is a huge task: removing the cover of the pram, washing it regularly. We recommend these reducers, it dries quicky, cleaning just this little piece is not as hard as cleaning the whole cover. It's faster and more efficient.
Sport prams can be used when the baby reaches the age of 6 months, but sometimes they are big for them. Our reducers are available in 2 sizes: the one for younger babies are created with puffy edges, so the babies will feel safe.

We recommend using them during Winter as well, thanks to their heat insulator characteristic.