Berry Baby Pram Reducer and Sheet

Pram Reducer and Sheet Pram- stoller accessories

Keeping the pram clean can be a huge task: removing the cover of the pram, washing it then drying the cover. It takes a lot of time.That's why we created reducers and sheets which are easily removable and machine washable, it doesn't takes too much time to dry. It stays on its place in the pram.

Our ZIZI Reducer is just perfect for the multi functional prams's sport parts and sport prams as well.

Available in 2 sizes and many colours.

1) 6-18 months (with puffy edges)
2) 18 months + (with flat edges)


With 2 types of materials:
-durable textile material

-soft minky

YETI Faux Fur Reducer: You can create a magical winter feeling with these beautiful reducers. Available in 4 colours.