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Berry Baby Breast Pump and Accessories

Breast Pump and Accessories Accessories

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-electronic breast pump

-manual breast pump

- milk storage bag

- baby bottle warmer

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NUK Luna Electronic Breast Pump with Feeding Bottle- € 60.52

Electronic breast pump NUK LUNA

Two phase breast pump, meaning you can have more milk in a shorter period of time.

1. phase: stimulates the flow, short, frequent pumps
2. phase: follows a slow, intensive rythm, in order to provide maximal flow
-soft sylicone
-easy usage
-easy to clean
-With batteries or adapter
-comes with NUK FIRST CHOICE feeding bottle
-anti BPA

€ 60.52
Baby Mix Baby Food and Feeding Bottle Warmer- € 12.35
Shuts off and keeps the bottle warm autmatically
Accessories: cup, lid, lemon squezer
Fast, safe, easy to use!

COmpatible with most feeding bottle and baby food up to 70 mm diameter

The set does not contains feeding bottle

Can reach between 40 and 100  C°

Automatically shuts off and keeps the bottle or food jar warm


220-240 V, 50/60 Hz, 100 W

€ 12.35
BabyOno Electronic Baby Bottle and Baby Food Warmer- € 10.51

Any kind of feeding bottle and baby food jar can be put into it. You can choose from many warming funcion.

- you can warm the breast milk on a mild temperature, water bath to keep the precious nutritions in the food.

-for regular milk and baby food, choose higher temperature

-comes with a lemon squezer

- between 24 and 100 °C


€ 10.51
Babyono Manual Breast Pump- € 19.11 - easy to put together
- ergonomic type
- comfortable for both right and left handed mothers
- made of anti BPA material
- effective
€ 19.11
Baby Bruin Hygienic Nursing Pad 24 Piece- € 1.42

- Hygienic, packed nursing pad
- Hygroscopic
- Prevents the bra to get soaked
- Safe and comfortable wear
-  With safety tape
- Follows the shape of the breast
- Soft and pleasant feeling
- Natural materials

€ 1.42
Babyono Premium Nursing Pad 60 pieces- € 4.25

Babyono Nursing Pad's light layers are hygroscopic and protects the sensitive breast from irritations. Ultra thin, discrete, comfortable wear. All pads are packed individually.




  • ultra hygroscopic layer
  • comes with two tape in order to prevent soaking
  • breathable inner layer
€ 4.25