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Terms of guarantee:

We distribute our products according to the valid guarantee rules in  the EU.
We provide guarantee to our distributed products, so that you can enjoy the safety of the service background and product supports. Only this kind of guarantee assure to repair the product as fast as possible or if needed, replace it with another. (If our specialised repairers decide to do so!) 
According to the law, to all of our distributed new products we provide 6 months of insurance and minimum of 12 months guarantee. Guarantee longer than that is signed on the products involved. The start of the guarantee is the date of the bill and service voucher's date. 

The consumer protection states that if a product is damaged, the producer is obligied to replace it within 72 hours.
The claim to guarantee can be validify by showing the documents below:
-  The package of the product
-  One copy of the bill
We can not accept the claim to guarantee if one or all of the documents are missing.

Guarantee repair, examination and run through it takes only a few days, except for the strollers and prams which takes 14 days usually.
72 hour replacing is only valid when the damage happened during proper, everyday use. If the damage happened during a non-proper use (example: caused by falling, sy broke it, step on it, during leaking etc) the producers only accept the 72 hour replacement of the product if the official service say so.

The damage must be reported to the distributor. If the report is valid according to the service's examination, the producer is to replace the product immediatelly.
If it is obvious that the damage happened during proper use in 72 hours, in that case we provide immediate replacement.
If it is not obvious that the damage happened during proper use, then our webshop only claim to replace the product within 72 hours if the official expert service decide to do so.
If the product is damaged, it is obliged to proceed according to the attached service coupon's instructions, which came with the bill.
We do not accept packages sent with subcharge, in that case we send it back to the sender.

The price of the returning is to be paid by the sender. Naturally, if the damage is caused by material defect, or it is under guarantee, then our webshop will pay back the charge of the returning as well.

If the customer decide to withdraw the order, the webshop will refund the price of the product. The charge of the delivery and returning can not be refund.


We can not refund the charge of the delivery  when the products is repaired by a third person, or if the product was treated unproperly, or when the damage is not under our guarantee.

If the date of the guarantee and insurance is not written, please call our customer service for informations.

About our prams and strollers: