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FAQ- bank card

FAQ- bank card


Questions and answers on paying by card


Card Acceptance


What type of cards can I pay with?

A VISA and Mastercard embossed cards, plus, some VISA Electron, V Pay cards. Using VISA Electron cards to pay on the  internet depends on the bank issued the card. VISA Electron issued by CIB BANK can be used for shopping on the internet.

What bank's cards are suitable  for paying on the internet?

All types of VISA and Mastercard/Maestro card, which are permitted by the banks issued the cards, and the ones which are specially designed for internet shopping


Can I pay with customer loyalty card?

Cards containing loyalty points, which are issued by merchants, services can not be used for paying on the internet.


Is it possible to pay by co-branded cards?

Any kinds of co-branded MasterCard os VISA card is acceptable if it is suitable for internet payment.


Payment process


How does the online payment's bank background process works?

After choosing bank transfer, the purchaser initiates paying,resulting in going to the bank's safe communication channelled paying site. For paying you need to give the card number, experimental date and the 3 digits CVV which can be found on the back of the card under the signature area.You begin the transaction, from that on the card goes through a real-time allowance, where the originality of the card's information, funds, shopping limit are being checked. If all the data are correct and the transaction can be continued, the amount being paid is getting freeze by the card launching bank. The payment will be executed in a few days.


How do shopping via traditional card and internet card differ from each other?

We differ Card Present and Card not Present transaction. Card Present transaction occurs with POS terminal device. After swiping the bank card and typing the PIN code, the terminal gets in contact with the card holder's bank through a permission centre, VISA or MasterCard channel, depending on the issuer. Authorization and validity examination happens here. Going backwards on the same way the POS terminal (or merchant) receives approval or refusal. The customer signs the voucher. Card Not Present transaction occurs when the card is not  Card not Present is such a transaction Card-not-present) transaction occurs when neither the cardholder nor the credit card is physically present at the time of the transaction. It’s most common for orders that happen remotely — over the phone or by fax, internet, or mail, the card holder starts the transaction by giving the  card information via a 256 bit encryption. You receive a permission number on the successfull transaction which is the same as on the paper form.


What does "holding in the vault" means?

When the transaction acknowledged by the bank, an immediate process, called holding in the vault follows it. Official data must arrive first, for the real load, which takes a few days,until then the amount can be spent. This is the reason the bank separates "holds in the vault" the amount. This amount is part of the balance of the account so it also accrues interest, but can not be spend anymore. Holding in the vault ensures the refusal of transactions without provision, although the balance of the account should provide it in theory.

Unsuccessfull transaction and duty


In what cases does an unsuccessful transaction occur?

Usually ‍the customer's issuing bank has declined to authorize a payment for some reason.but  there are other cases, for example telecommunications or IT problems.


Card problems

        The card is not suitable for internet payment.

        Using the card on the internet is prohibited by the issuer bank. 

         Usage of the card is prohibited.

         The card data are given incorrectly (card number, CVV, experimental date) 

         The card has expired


Account problems

       No provision for executing the transaction

         The amount of the transaction exceed the limit of the purchase


Contact problems

         Due to disconnection the transaction was unsuccessful. Please try again.

         Time exceeded- transaction was unsuccessful. Please try again.


Technical problem

        The transaction is unsuccessful if you did not return to the merchant/service site from the payment site. 

         If you have returned  from the payment site, by clicking "reload" "back" or "refresh" the bank will refuse your transaction because of safety reasons.


What to do when the payment procedure is unsuccessful?

A  transaction identification is being generated in every transaction, please note the identification. If the bank's site refused the transaction, please contact your issuer.


Why is it neccessary to contact the issuer bank in a case of unsuccessful payment?

During the checking of the card, the issuer bank notifies the collector's bank on the executability of the transaction. The bank can not give out private information for clients of other banks, only the issuer bank is entitled to do so.


What does it means if I get an SMS from my bank on holding the vault, but the merchant/service note that the transaction was unsuccessful? 

This phenomenon occurs when the card checking happened on the paying site, but you did not return to the merchant/service site. The transaction is unfinished in that case meaning it is unsuccessful. The amount will not be load, the holding will be canceled.



What does VeriSign and 256 bit encryption TLS communication  channel?

TLS,is a shortened form of Transport Layer Security which is an accepted encryption.Our bank possesses a 256 bit security key, which protects the communication channel. VeriSign company  make the usage of the 256 bit security key possible for the CIB bank, with the help of it we provide the encryption of the TLS communication channel. Currently the 90% of the world's merchants use this encryption type.The browser programme used by the customer encrypts the data before sending with the help of TLS programme, so that the data arrive to the CIB Bank in a code form, meaning  unauthorized invidiuals can not interpret them.


My browser warned me that I'm leaving the safety zone. Is my payment's safety guaranteed?

Absolutely. The payment's process occurs in an  256 bit encrypted communication channel, meaning it is absolutely safe. After transaction you return to the merchant's site, if that site is not encrypted, the browser warns you that you are leaving the safety zone. It does not mean any harm about the payment.


What does CVC2/CVV2 code means?

In the case of  MasterCard it is a so called  Card Verification Code, in the case of  Visa it is a so called. Card Verification Value, it is coded numeric value on the magnetic strip which helps finding out the authenticity of the card.The so called CVC2 code- which is on the backside of the card, the last three digits of a series of numbers must be given when shopping on the internet. 


What is Verified by Visa?

Visa card holders registered in the Verified by Visa system  can choose password  in the card issuer bank, so that they can verify themselves when shopping on the internet, also it protects them from unauthorized usage of the card. CIB Bank accepts cards issued by Verified by Visa.


What is Mastercard SecureCode?

Mastercard SecureCode card holders registered in the Mastercard/Maestro system  can choose password  in the card issuer bank, so that they can verify themselves when shopping on the internet, also it protects them from unauthorized usage of the card. CIB Bank accepts cards issued by Mastercard SecureCode.


What is UCAF code?

In the case of MasterCard/Maestro cards a unique code given by your issuer bank. If you have not received it, please leave the field empty.