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Dear Customers,
For fault-repair or complaint, please fill the document below and send us to our e-mail address in order to start the administration.
E-mail address:

To make the administration faster, we will need your help:
  • Please attach pictures or videos of the damaged product. This is the fastest and easiest way for us to see the problem. (The picture must be clear, the damage must be shown properly)
  • Fill the 2 pages document properly.
  • Give us your contact, our colleagues can reach you via phone as well for exact datas. 

After the judgement our company send you back the additional record where you can read the result of the judgement as well.

In the case of justified complaint: it is possible to repair or replace the product or to pay back the full or a part of the price. You can write it in the record as well.

IMPORTANT: Our business maintain the right to differ  the things you asked and offer alternative solutions. 
IMPORTANT: If Berry Baby is not the producer of the product then we have to make contact with the producer company, meaning the administration will take longer.

The record can be downloaded here:

Thank you for your help, we will contact you soon.

Best wishes:  
Berry Baby Ltd customer service