CLASSIC Nursing Pillow Cover: Turquoise

€ 10.10 (€ 10.10 + VAT)
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CLASSIC Nursing Pillow Cover: Turquoise- € 10.10 Made of 100% cotton.
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Manufacturer: Berry Baby Ltd. -premium quality


CLASSIC Nursing Pillow Cover: Turquoise


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These puffy pillow bumpers can be fixed to the grid of the baby bed, in order to protect the baby's head. Protecting the fontanelle is essential.

-100% cotton cover

-tie in all the corners

-thermo flies inner filling

- shredded foam filling
-for 60 és 70 cm wide baby bed


€ 8.74

Soft velour cover for the cold changing pad.

- Fixed with elastic ties

-It won't move

-It's easy to put on

-Machine washable


€ 11.78

Fitted Sheet with elastic, this is a classic, well known, 100% cotton sheet for 60 x 120 cm baby bed.

We recommend:

-waterproof mattress protector: It's a perfect accessory for all types of sheets. Reminder, always put it under the sheet, to protect the mattress from all kinds of fluids. The bigger version is for the whole bed, while the smaller is for the laying area. You can fix it with elastic ties, so it won't move.

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€ 11.78
Soft Minky is actually a bubbly velour material. These silky blankets will be babies favourites.
0-2 years: 84 x 84 cm
You can order it with filling as well.
It's pleasant to touch them. As soon as babies fine motor skills are developed enough, they like to stroke these blankets. Also, babies tend to bring these blankets with themselves, hugging them also make babies calm. 
€ 13.46