CLASSIC Nursing Pillow Cover: Dark Blue- White Stars

€ 10.10 (€ 10.10 + VAT)
Model: Berry Baby Klasszikus szoptatós párna póthuzat: sötétkék alapon fehér csillagos
CLASSIC Nursing Pillow Cover: Dark Blue- White Stars- € 10.10 Made of 100% cotton.
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Manufacturer: Berry Baby Ltd. -premium quality


CLASSIC Nursing Pillow Cover: Dark Blue- White Stars


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Classic "U" shaped nursing pillow. With removable, 100% cotton cover.

- The filling is polystryrene. (machine washable)

-During nursing, you don't need to hold the baby in your arms, because the baby will be in chest-height.


- You can tie it around your waist, so it definitelly won't move.


€ 23.59

Our Berry Baby CLASSIC Bumpers are here to protect your baby's head. The protection of the fontanelle is essential.

 Made of OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified 100% cotton material. 

Choose Berry Baby product. 


€ 23.59

We recommend our Berry Baby 2in1 Nursing Pillow for all the moms whose belly started to show. The pillow holds the belly, so sleeping becomes more comfortable. When being in a half-sitting position, the pillow can be form into a shape of the armrest of an armchair. Later on it can be used as a nursing pillow. We also recommend our extra covers.

-The inner cover is white

-removable with the help of a zip
-100% cotton
Filling: shredded foam+ cut polyester fibre. 

Machine washable
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€ 30.34

Soft, silky MINKY Bedding Set. In this colour you can choose from 2 sizes with different lenght and shaped bumpers.

Click on "Select Option" to choose your desired size.

1. size: NORMAL size:

This type includes a sewn in cover (fix cover) quilt and pillow
Size of the quilt: 70x90cm  (both their sides are 100% cotton)
Size of the pillow: 30x40cm  (One side is cotton the other is minky)
Bumper: Cotton and minky material

2. size: EXTRA size

The price includes quilt cover, pillow cover and bumper. You can order the white pillow and quilt separately.
The size of the quilt cover: 135x100cm (can be used in kindergarten as well, 100% cotton)
The size of the pillow cover: 60x40cm   (One side is cotton, the other is minky)
Bumper: Cotton and minky materials

Berry Baby MINKY Bedding Sets can be extended, all of the accessories are of OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified, 100% cotton and wellsoft material. Minky is a unique, soft bubbly material.

It features wonderful and fun colour combinations. You can harmonize the baby's room with matching coloured accessories (decorations, swaddling clothes, sleeping bags)

The bedding set can be extended:
- matching coloured sheets (with elastic)
- baldachin with ribbon 
- white pillow and quilt

Baldachin rods are available in 3 types
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€ 33.52