Berry Baby Infant Car Seat Pad

Universal Infant Car Seat Pad Car seat and bassinet accessories

Dear Customers,

These infant car seat pads are for 3 and 5 points safety belt system.

There are 2 types:
-between 4-12 months (baby cat seat pads)
-between 0-4 months (infant car seat pads)

About our materials used
COtton: 100% cotton material: ideal for warmer seasons (from spring to autumn)
Plush and minky: ideal for colder seasons (from autumn to spring)

Extra protection from the cold air
With its help, you can keep the car seat cleaner, since this pad is removable and machine washable.

Perfect for every type of car seat.
There is 1 cm thick foam sheet, which provides heat insulator function as well.
Machine washable
It doesn't disturbs the usage of the safety belt system.
There is extra filling on the head part.

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