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Baby room accessories and decorations by Berry Baby


In this category you will find furniture and other accessories to the baby’s room. The bed, the changing cabinet, and the wardrobe are all essentials for the everyday life of the baby. All of our products are made of excellent quality material in order to be used later on. Our little beds are made of premium quality wood material, you can choose it with a storage, or with a side wall.

About our products:

Our bean bags with safety belt are perfect for newborn babies. The laundry basket is made of baby friendly material, it has fun patterns, these are created to be fit for the baby’s room as well. Many people use this basket as a toy basket. A lot of nursery school and kindergarten are amongst our customers and they really like this product. Our playing bed is the most popular of Berry Baby products due to its practicality. You can buy it with some extra. We made many of it for nursery schools, daycares, etc, because it meets the EU standards.

Amongst our products you can find cradles, rocking chairs, bouncers or jumping swings which are the babies’ favourite.

You can furnish the room with our armchairs, couches, storage.

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Toy Storage (basket) Toy Storage (basket)
Praktikus gyermekszobai tároló a játékok számára. 35 literes űrtartalmú, így sok-sok játékot pakolhatnak bele.