Stars and Dots Bedding Collection for 60 and 70 cm Baby Beds: Brown Stars

STARS AND DOTS Bedding Collection for 60 and 70 cm wide Baby Beds: Brown Stars STARS AND DOTS Bedding Collection for 60 and 70 cm wide Baby Beds

The 3 part Berry Baby Bedding Sets and accessories are of OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified, 100% cotton material. In this category, the bedding sets are available for 60 and 70 cm wide baby beds. Please click on "Select Option" in order to choose your preferable size.

It features wonderful colour combinations and fun colours. You can harmonize the baby's room by choosing matching coloured accessories, such as decorations, swaddling clothes, sheets, diaper storage, sleeping bags etc.

You can extend the set with the following things:
-removable extra cover set
- extra size bumper (with straight or curvy ends)
- baldachin
- baldachin rod

- standard size bedding set

- from 0-3 years
- parts: quilt+pillow+bumper

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Jersey Sheet for 60x120 cm Baby Bed: Beige- € 15.15

Fitted Jersey Sheet: This classic, well known sheet is made of 100% jersey, can be fitted to the mattress, thanks to its elastic sides, it definitelly won't move under the baby.

Size: 60x120 cm

We also recommend waterproof mattress protector: This is an important accessory of any kinds of sheets. Important to put it under the sheet, so it can protect the mattress from any types of fluids. This type can fixed to the mattress' whole area. The other type is for the laying area, can be fixed to the mattress with elastic ties, it won't move.

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€ 15.15
FRILLY Baldachin: Beige- € 58.27

About our beautiful and special  Berry Baby baldachins:

Many company decided to create baldachins of thick cotton material. But Berry Baby decided othwerwise. We have more than 10 years of experience on materials, baby accessories and furnitures. Luckily, we've wide range of variety on fabrics. That is why our FRILLY Baldachins can not be made of cotton material. Cotton is a very good material for bedding sets, but think about the thickness and heaviness of it. Imagine the ironing or steaming process...

This baldachin is 260 cm high and contains more than 4 m material, the diameter is 60 cm. We'd give tons of work for the busy and tired moms.
I am a mother of 2 children. I don't like to iron, plus, I have a lot of things to do around the children. BUT I'd like the baldachin to remain beautiful and decorative, even after years.

That's why I created Berry Baby FRILLY Baldachins of a special kind of syntetic fibre, which is more durable, no matter how many times do you wash, iron or steam them. These products are more of decorations than parts of bedding sets.

The price includes the prop circle, the hook and the plug.

I also recommend our beautiful playing mats, which are perfect to create a nice playing corner in the room.

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€ 58.27
2 Sided Baby Blanket: Beige Stars- € 13.46

We recommend our Berry Baby 2 sided blankets from as early as newborn age. 

One side is soft minky, the other is 100% cotton. There is a filling in the blanket. It's pleasant to touch, so it became babies' favourite. When their fine motor skills are developed enough, they tend to stroke the soft side of the blankets, they bring them everywhere they go. Hugging these blankets make them calm.

Available in 2 sizes:

0-1 year: 70x70 cm

From 1 Year- :90x135 cm

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€ 13.46
MInky Baby Blankets 84x84 cm: Hazelnut- € 13.46
Soft Minky is actually a bubbly velour material. These silky blankets will be babies favourites.
0-2 years: 84 x 84 cm
You can order it with filling as well.
It's pleasant to touch them. As soon as babies fine motor skills are developed enough, they like to stroke these blankets. Also, babies tend to bring these blankets with themselves, hugging them also make babies calm. 
€ 13.46
CLASSIC Nursing Pillow: Beige- € 23.59

Classic "U" shaped nursing pillow. With removable, 100% cotton cover.

- The filling is polystryrene. (machine washable)

-During nursing, you don't need to hold the baby in your arms, because the baby will be in chest-height.


- You can tie it around your waist, so it definitelly won't move.


€ 23.59
MUSLIN Baldachin: Beige- € 21.90

Our Berry Baby Muslin Baldachins (with ribbons) are perfect for any baby room. They are not just absolutelly beautiful, also, they collect dust. No matter how tidy and clean the mom, there are many dust in the air. The baldachin above the bed collects a significant amount of it, so the dust won't fall on the sleeping baby. That's why we recommend washing them weekly. Just take a look at how much dust is on the baldachin after a week.

Also, a big advantage is that these baldachins are see through, so you can see what your baby is doing.

Size: 150 cm high, 250 cm wide


€ 21.90