Berry Baby Premium Bedding Collection: Prince

PREMIUM Bedding Collection for 60 and 70 cm wide Baby Beds by Berry Baby: Prince PREMIUM Bedding Collection for 60 and 70 cm wide Baby Beds.

You can take a look at our Prince Bedding Set and accessories in this collection.

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Laundry Basket- Toy Storage: Royal Blue Dots- € 24.52

Beautiful, practical laundry basket for baby rooms.

These products are multi functional, most parents use them as laundry basket or toy storage.


- the whole product is machine washable

-there is a closeable hole on the top

-made of textile material

 - stiffened with foam
 - Size: 60 cm high, 45 cm diameter

-Due to their big size, you can put many things into them

- BABY FRIENDLY, babies won't get hurt when trying to open them

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€ 24.52
SMILE Diaper Storage: Prince- € 18.53

Diaper storage is an aesthetic decoration for every baby room.

You can attach it to the shorter or to the longer side of the bed. You can put diapers in it, but many people put toys in it instead.

Our SMILE diaper storage can be fixed to the bed with ties. The name SMILE comes from the smile-looking line on the front.Practical, you can put many things in it.

The size is: 60x40 
All of our Berry Baby diaper storage is from OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified, 100% cotton material.

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€ 18.53
FRILLY Baldachin: Royal Blue- € 58.27

About our beautiful and special  Berry Baby baldachins:

Many company decided to create baldachins of thick cotton material. But Berry Baby decided othwerwise. We have more than 10 years of experience on materials, baby accessories and furnitures. Luckily, we've wide range of variety on fabrics. That is why our FRILLY Baldachins can not be made of cotton material. Cotton is a very good material for bedding sets, but think about the thickness and heaviness of it. Imagine the ironing or steaming process...

This baldachin is 260 cm high and contains more than 4 m material, the diameter is 60 cm. We'd give tons of work for the busy and tired moms.
I am a mother of 2 children. I don't like to iron, plus, I have a lot of things to do around the children. BUT I'd like the baldachin to remain beautiful and decorative, even after years.

That's why I created Berry Baby FRILLY Baldachins of a special kind of syntetic fibre, which is more durable, no matter how many times do you wash, iron or steam them. These products are more of decorations than parts of bedding sets.

The price includes the prop circle, the hook and the plug.

I also recommend our beautiful playing mats, which are perfect to create a nice playing corner in the room.

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€ 58.27
4 Seasons Sleeping Bag: Prince 0-3 months- € 21.90

Tests showed that our Berry Baby sleeping bags can be used for a longer time than written on the label. 

The advantages of sleeveless sleeping bags:

-babies can move freely

-can be used at any seasons (with proper underclothing)

We recommend the following underclothing:
- Summer: short sleeved bodysuit or just a diaper
- Spring and Autumn: Bodysuit (short or long sleeve) or overall
-Winter: Bodysuit+ overall

Material: 100% cotton
Filling: Thermoflies
wide foot part
can be opened fully thanks to the zip around the products.

0-3 months: (from the shoulders to the feet) 58cm

€ 21.90
PENGUIN Sleeping Bag 68-74 cm: PRINCE- € 25.95

Penguin Sleeping Bags are perfect for toddlers, they can move freely.

They are made of cotton, decorated with fun patterns. These patterns are created with excellent quality textile painting method. They can be ironed, machine washable.

Your child can use it for a long time, due to these pieces' sizing.

The foot part can be closed when the baby is sleeping; providing extra safety for the  night.

According to the room's temperature, under clothing is adviced.

When it's hot, the sleeping bag itself is perfectly enough. 

When it's cold, a bodysuit, a thin pants or overall is needed under the sleeping bag,

It's easy to put on.

€ 25.95
PREMIUM Babynest:PRINCE- € 50.58

Babynests provide ideal and safe sleep for babies, anywhere, anytime, no matter where you are at: grandparents, relatives, friends. The baby can sleep in its usual safe place.

The cover is removable and machine washable.

-The filling is of two materials: shredded foam and cotton wool, it combines the best of each.

 0-6 months:

Outer size:86 cm long, 60 cm wide.

Size of the laying area: 65 cm long 34 cm wide

You can order them with removable coconut sheet (for extra price)

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€ 50.58
Minky Baby Blankets 84x84 cm: White- € 13.46
Soft Minky is actually a bubbly velour material. These silky blankets will be babies favourites.
0-2 years: 84 x 84 cm
You can order it with filling as well.
It's pleasant to touch them. As soon as babies fine motor skills are developed enough, they like to stroke these blankets. Also, babies tend to bring these blankets with themselves, hugging them also make babies calm. 
€ 13.46
2in1 Nursing Pillow: Dark Blue- White Stars- € 30.34

We recommend our Berry Baby 2in1 Nursing Pillow for all the moms whose belly started to show. The pillow holds the belly, so sleeping becomes more comfortable. When being in a half-sitting position, the pillow can be form into a shape of the armrest of an armchair. Later on it can be used as a nursing pillow. We also recommend our extra covers.

-The inner cover is white

-removable with the help of a zip
-100% cotton
Filling: shredded foam+ cut polyester fibre. 

Machine washable
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€ 30.34
PREMIUM Bedding Set: PRINCE- € 31.27

Size: NORMAL size:
This type includes a sewn in cover (fix cover) quilt and pillow, with bumper.
SIze of the quilt: 70x90 cm (both sides are 100% cotton)
Size of the pillow: 60x40 (100% cotton)
Bumper: 32x180cm


It features wonderful and fun colours. You can harmonize the baby's room, since you can buy matching accessories, for example: decoration, swaddling clothes, and sleeping bag,

The set can be extended with:
-matching coloured elastic sheet
-baldachin with ribbon (you can select full cotton, and muslin baldachin as well)
- quilt and pillow fitted for the cover
Baldachin rods are available in 3 different types
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€ 31.27