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Gray MInky+ Small Rose Dots Bedding Collection by Berry Baby

MINKY Bedding Collection for 60 and 70 cm wide baby beds: Gray Minky+ Small Rose Dots MINKY Bedding Collection for 60 and 70 cm wide baby beds: Gray Minky

Our MINKY Bedding Collections are of OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified, 100% cotton and trimmed wellsoft materials. Minky is a special kind of, soft, bubbly material.


The price includes the following accessories of the sets:

- bumper 180 cm
- little pillow with sewn in cover (40x60 cm)
- little quilt with sewn in cover (75x95 cm)
You can ask for extras when clicking on the photos.


Some of our accessories are available in different colours or sizes. You can choose the shape of the bumper as well. Please click on "Select Option" to choose your desired pieces. It features wonderful colour combinations and fun colours.
You can harmonize the baby's room by choosing matching coloured accessories, like decoration, swaddling clothes, sleeping bags.

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MAGIC SWING: Rose Cloud- € 40.47

We will send our new type of rod to You!

-curvy spreader with burnt in Berry Baby brand sing
-curvy beech rods
- comes in a practical bag
- with velcro protector

Create a magical place for your child with our beautiful lantern strings (which comes with the swing) and our 3 dimension movement Berry Baby Magic Swing. Perfect gift for all the babies.

There are tales and legends about how swinging can effect babies in a positive way, so, I'll only talk about it a little bit.
-develops brain capacity
 - has calming affect (all moms would be glad)
-you can ask spring as well

We gift the following things for our MAGIC SWING:

- 1 set of lantern string, which creates a magical decoration. Babies love watching the beautiful lights, they can stare at it for minutes.
- 1 piece of 100% cotton cover sheet which makes swinging much comfortable. (You can ask for coconut sheet for extra charge)

The set contains the following things:
- curvy ends beech rods
- 6 m long ties (for doorway or stand)
- circle
-curvy speaders with burnt in Berry Baby brand sign

The spring is extra charged, you can find it in "Select Option"--> By using spring you can create a jumper swing if the baby can sit
The coconut sheet is also extra charged
The stand can be bought seperately. 


-inner length: 72 cm
- inner width: 48 cm
- depth on the foot part: 20 cm (you can adjust it with the crossbar)
- depth of the head part: 5 cm (adjustable as well)
- for 0-3 years old children (max 20 kg)

-there is a belting support which is sewn in

- extra strong, double layer cover
- sewn in two times!!!
- adjustable tie size, so as the child is growing, you can adjust it to the perfect size
-the cover is machine washable
-we send this all in a practical bag

Our children's safety!

They are all made of 2 layers of textile material. Sewn two times.
The covers are removable, machine washable and there is 1 year of guarantee for the swing

Some questions:

Is it a problem, that the swing's bottom is not hard?
No, moreover, experts say that the fact that bottom is not hard, makes babies calm faster. The baby is in the same position as in the womb, plus the 3 dimension movements also reminds the baby to the movements felt in the mother's belly.

When can I put the baby into it?
As early as newborn age. It replaces the crib, also, the crib is combined with the swing. In South American countries doctors use cribs in the incubators, since this swinging motion helps with gaining weight for premature babies. Also, cholic babies forget about their pain when swinging.

Can babies sleep in it?

At daytime yes, but do not put the baby to sleep in it at night, because we can not pay attention when we are sleeping.

Can I use it without the stand?

Yes. The swing can easily be installed with the hook, at any point in the house. It's easy to do so, and easy to reinstall it as well, also, it's portable, so we can bring it with us, no matter where we are.

Which rod should be placed above? (the shorter or the longer)

When we talk about a newborn baby, it's adviced to place the shorter one under, so the baby can follow the mother with their eyes. Later on when the baby can sit properly, it's important to put the shorter one at  shoulder height to avoid accidents.

The effects of the swing:

Getting to know their body,coordinating their movements, strenghten the muscles, developing the baby's sight. 

Developing the sense of balance, to start and stop movements.

American pediatrician says that premature babies' weight is growing more rapidly when swinging 3 times a day, for half an hour each time. An American psychologist recommends for pregnant women to swing two times a day for 5-10 minutes each time. The fetus' balance centre starts to develop at the 10th weeks of the pregnancy, swinging helps to develop it as well. The posture also becomingmuch better by swinging.

But the most important thing is our children's happiness


€ 40.47
MINKY Bedding Set: Gray Minky Small Rose Dots- € 33.52

Soft, silky MINKY Bedding Set. In this colour you can choose from 2 sizes with different lenght and shaped bumpers.

Click on "Select Option" to choose your desired size.

1. size: NORMAL size:

This type includes a sewn in cover (fix cover) quilt and pillow
Size of the quilt: 70x90cm  (both their sides are 100% cotton)
Size of the pillow: 30x40cm  (One side is cotton the other is minky)
Bumper: Cotton and minky material

2. size: EXTRA size

The price includes quilt cover, pillow cover and bumper. You can order the white pillow and quilt separately.
The size of the quilt cover: 135x100cm (can be used in kindergarten as well, 100% cotton)
The size of the pillow cover: 60x40cm   (One side is cotton, the other is minky)
Bumper: Cotton and minky materials

Berry Baby MINKY Bedding Sets can be extended, all of the accessories are of OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified, 100% cotton and wellsoft material. Minky is a unique, soft bubbly material.

It features wonderful and fun colour combinations. You can harmonize the baby's room with matching coloured accessories (decorations, swaddling clothes, sleeping bags)

The bedding set can be extended:
- matching coloured sheets (with elastic)
- baldachin with ribbon 
- white pillow and quilt

Baldachin rods are available in 3 types
Choose Berry Baby products.

€ 33.52
MINKY Babynest: Gray Minky Rose Dots- € 40.46

Babynests provide ideal and safe sleep for babies, anywhere, anytime, no matter where you are at: grandparents, relatives, friends. The baby can sleep in its usual safe place.

The cover is removable and machine washable.

-The filling is of two materials: shredded foam and cotton wool, it combines the best of each.
Available in 2 sizes:

1) 0-6 months:

Outer size:86 cm long, 60 cm wide.

Size of the laying area: 65 cm long 34 cm wide

2) 6-18 months:

Outer size: 111 cm long 75 cm wide

Size of the laying area: 95 cm long 44 cm wide

You can order them with removable coconut sheet (for extra price)

Choose Berry Baby products.

€ 40.46