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Baby Rose Minky+ Ballerina Bedding Collection by Berry Baby

MINKY Bedding Collection for 60 and 70 cm wide baby beds: Baby Rose+ Ballerina MINKY Bedding Collection for 60 and 70 cm wide baby beds: Baby Rose

Our MINKY Bedding Collections are of OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified, 100% cotton and trimmed wellsoft materials. Minky is a special kind of, soft, bubbly material.


The price includes the following accessories of the sets:

- bumper 180 cm
- little pillow with sewn in cover (40x60 cm)
- little quilt with sewn in cover (75x95 cm)
You can ask for extras when clicking on the photos.


Some of our accessories are available in different colours or sizes. You can choose the shape of the bumper as well. Please click on "Select Option" to choose your desired pieces. It features wonderful colour combinations and fun colours.
You can harmonize the baby's room by choosing matching coloured accessories, like decoration, swaddling clothes, sleeping bags.

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MINKY Bedding Set: ROSE MINKY Ballerina- € 33.52

Soft, silky MINKY Bedding Set. In this colour you can choose from 2 sizes with different lenght and shaped bumpers.

Click on "Select Option" to choose your desired size.

1. size: NORMAL size:

This type includes a sewn in cover (fix cover) quilt and pillow
Size of the quilt: 70x90cm  (both their sides are 100% cotton)
Size of the pillow: 30x40cm  (One side is cotton the other is minky)
Bumper: Cotton and minky material

2. size: EXTRA size

The price includes quilt cover, pillow cover and bumper. You can order the white pillow and quilt separately.
The size of the quilt cover: 135x100cm (can be used in kindergarten as well, 100% cotton)
The size of the pillow cover: 60x40cm   (One side is cotton, the other is minky)
Bumper: Cotton and minky materials

Berry Baby MINKY Bedding Sets can be extended, all of the accessories are of OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified, 100% cotton and wellsoft material. Minky is a unique, soft bubbly material.

It features wonderful and fun colour combinations. You can harmonize the baby's room with matching coloured accessories (decorations, swaddling clothes, sleeping bags)

The bedding set can be extended:
- matching coloured sheets (with elastic)
- baldachin with ribbon 
- white pillow and quilt

Baldachin rods are available in 3 types
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€ 33.52
Changing Pad Cover: Rose- € 11.78

Soft velour cover for the cold changing pad.

- Fixed with elastic ties

-It won't move

-It's easy to put on

-Machine washable

€ 11.78
SMILE Diaper Storage: Rose Ballerina- € 16.84

Diaper storage is an aesthetic decoration for every baby room.

You can attach it to the shorter or to the longer side of the bed. You can put diapers in it, but many people put toys in it instead.

Our SMILE diaper storage can be fixed to the bed with ties. The name SMILE comes from the smile-looking line on the front.Practical, you can put many things in it.

The size is: 60x40 
All of our Berry Baby diaper storage is from OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified, 100% cotton material.

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€ 16.84
FLANNEL Sheet for 60x120 cm Baby Bed: Rose- € 11.78

FLANNEL Fitted Sheet for Baby Bed: Flannel is a thick, soft, warm and hygroscopic 100% cotton material, It's elastic around, so you can fit it to the mattress, it won't move. 

Size: 60x120 cm

We also recommend waterproof mattress protector:
It's a perfect accessory for each and every type of sheet. Important: put the waterproof mattress protector under the sheet, so it will protect the mattress from any kind of fluids. Available in 2 sizes: One can be fixed to the 4 corners of the mattress, it's for the whole mattress area, while the other is for the laying area, also can be fixed with elastic ties.
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€ 11.78
BASIC Cotton Sheet 60x120 cm: Baby Rose- € 11.78

Fitted Sheet with elastic, this is a classic, well known, 100% cotton sheet for 60 x 120 cm baby bed.

We recommend:

-waterproof mattress protector: It's a perfect accessory for all types of sheets. Reminder, always put it under the sheet, to protect the mattress from all kinds of fluids. The bigger version is for the whole bed, while the smaller is for the laying area. You can fix it with elastic ties, so it won't move.

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€ 11.78
MUSLIN Baldachin: Rose- € 21.90

Our Berry Baby Muslin Baldachins (with ribbons) are perfect for any baby room. They are not just absolutelly beautiful, also, they collect dust. No matter how tidy and clean the mom, there are many dust in the air. The baldachin above the bed collects a significant amount of it, so the dust won't fall on the sleeping baby. That's why we recommend washing them weekly. Just take a look at how much dust is on the baldachin after a week.

Also, a big advantage is that these baldachins are see through, so you can see what your baby is doing.

Size: 150 cm high, 250 cm wide


€ 21.90
3 Seasons Wellsoft Sleeping Bag 6-12 Months: Rose Unicorn and Crown- € 18.53

During the tests, we noticed that these pieces can be used for a longer time than written on the label.

Advantage of the sleeveless sleeping bags:

-babies can move more freely

-can be used for more seasons when choosing proper under clothes

We recommend putting on:

-short sleeve bodysuit on Summer (when it's very hot, a diaper is perfectly enough)

- bodysuit or overall on Spring and Autumn

-bodysuit+ overall on Winter

The material is wellsoft. Due to its thickness there are no extra filling.

There is a zip around, you can fully open it.

Lenght: 84 cm

€ 18.53
2in1 Nursing Pillow: Rose- € 30.34

We recommend our Berry Baby 2in1 Nursing Pillow for all the moms whose belly started to show. The pillow holds the belly, so sleeping becomes more comfortable. When being in a half-sitting position, the pillow can be form into a shape of the armrest of an armchair. Later on it can be used as a nursing pillow. We also recommend our extra covers.

-The inner cover is white

-removable with the help of a zip
-100% cotton
Filling: shredded foam+ cut polyester fibre. 

Machine washable
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€ 30.34
2 Sided Baby Blanket: Ballerina- € 13.46

We recommend our Berry Baby 2 sided blankets from as early as newborn age. 

One side is soft minky, the other is 100% cotton. There is a filling in the blanket. It's pleasant to touch, so it became babies' favourite. When their fine motor skills are developed enough, they tend to stroke the soft side of the blankets, they bring them everywhere they go. Hugging these blankets make them calm.

Available in 2 sizes:

0-1 year: 70x70 cm

From 1 Year- :90x135 cm

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€ 13.46