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Berry Baby BREEZE Bumper

"Breeze"-Peeking Bumpers by Berry Baby Berry Baby Bumpers

Between our Berry Baby "Breeze" Bumpers, the air flows freely, plus, babies can peek too.

You can fix them with velcros, one bumper can embrace 3 grids (17 cm) the height is 27 cm

The price includes 1 piece.

There are two types of materials:
- Minky-Cotton (One side is 100% cotton the other is soft minky material)
- Eco leather: ECO Leather is not the same as the old kind of textile leather. These soft materials are from Poland. Interestingly, pram and stroller factories use it during producing. Machine washable. The material would not be damaged, not after years.  It's easy to clean. There are 3 types: Mono coloured, decorated with stars and with crowns.

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