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Berry Baby baldachins and rods

Baldachins and Rods by Berry Baby Baby accessories

We offer many types of baldachins, and rods as well. These gems are perfect decorations of the baby's room, moreover, it collects the dust that should fall on the baby. No matter how many times and how perfectly you clean, there will be dust, no matter what. But these baldachins protect your baby from it. After a little shake you'd notice how dusty it is. We recommend washing them weekly. 


- baldachin (round shape): Very decorative, later on you can create a playing area for your child.
- cotton baldachin: 100% cotton. Along with being decorative, it creates shade.
-cotton-muslin baldachin: Very decorative, collects dust, and perfect for shading, yet the parents can see the baby through the baldachin.
- muslin baldachin: Decorative, collects dust and see-through.
- EXTRA size, round baldachin: Not just highly decorative, collects the dust but also it can be used as a mosquito net, so the baby can sleep peacefully in his/her little bed.